af men with kiltI have to post something in response to all of these haters who have never taken a look at etymology.
First of all, the crest of the pope and even the Vatican lawn is a moorish symbol. Did the Moors own ALL the states of Europe before Rome? YES. Read Ancient and Modern Brits, David McRetchie. Study the symbols in European heraldry and you will see the Moor’s head symbol.

Secondly, to all you eurocentric history buffs. Islam was not INVENTED in the 800’s nor was it EVER invented. And Mauretania is relatively new. MooR is derived from the root M (Ma’at/ Mother)and R (Ra/ Father). The Mother and Father of civilization. It’s MR, whatever vowels are added is dependent on the place. Moabite is the ancient word if that helps to clarify how old Moors are. Egypt is Ta’MooRi or Ta’MooRe. That is the petroglyph identification.
Thirdly, African-American is a ‘recent’ creation. As it is a fraudulent and assumable jurisdiction. That is not a citizenship, or a Nationality. It is colourable. Moorish American is OLD.

American- read an unabridged dictionary of the 20th century or before, such as Websters unabridged dictionaries from the 19th century (1800’s)- means, “copper-coloured or coffee-coloured people found on the American continent.”

Fourthly the statue of Liberty is a gift to the Moors from the French and is COPPER/BRONZE coloured, representing above all the Moorish Woman. But when exposed to oxygen, copper rusts to a pastel green. I mean, the statue has been there for a long time.

Fifthly, the Moorish empire which collapsed and became the Ottoman Empire (Osman Bey) was planet wide there were Moors everywhere. BLACK people are a colourable creation, they do not exist anywhere. Moor, Mohr, Maur, Maure, Mauros, Muur, Mur, watever, all of these are how today’s “Black” people are identified outside of North America.

Read the Memoirs of Columbus, MOORS who spoke Arabic, Chaldean, and Hebrew brought him to this continent as his translators. Since he neither knew how to get here, nor could he speak any of the ancient languages spoken by the Kings here such as Arabic.

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