For sometime now, rapper Sarkodie hasn’t been given that level of competition when it comes to rap so he’s always thinking he’s the best. Times without number has Sarkodie bragged left, right and center about he being the best among his peers and has labelled his fellow rappers as being lazy and more.

Sarkodie murdered Flowking Stone, gave it to EL but guess what? Yes, Sarkodie has finally met his meter in the person of M.anifest.

EL tweeted, “Clap for yourself” with emogies attached after the Sarkodie-M.anifest godmc brouhaha, but yes, we all know he’s just bigging up M.anifest for giving it to Sarkodie.

M.anifest on Thursday morning dropped a song titled ‘godmc’ and it was just shots upon shots to Sarkodie. Here are some of the punchlines.

Do you remember Sarkodie’s ‘take it back’ song where he was talking about ‘Pappy Kojo no be kolo’ and how he was nodding his head?

Chale I dey, I just chock it Laughing hard till there are tears in a bucket Some of my peers spineless they are muppets Always nodding like a lizard, damn it, agama… Yo What’s a king to a god mc? Numero uno, that be me

Do you remember when Sarkodie wore Kanye West inspired attire to play a gig at the Indigo O2 Arena? Check this verse too

You no be star no be star, you’re a comet at best Don’t ask me no questions, no comment; I rest Tell the fashion police they can make an arrest These boys copying the west looking a mess

Nas and Kanye West, we know who is the best rapper despite Kanye’s Grammy awards, right? Check this verse too

Ghanaians so concerned about diplomas and awards Titles and the bible, I find it absurd Went from inspector Bediako to Khumkhum Bhagya Progress or regress? now who you calling sucker When the boss is around who can you boss around? We some intelligent niggas that cannot dumb it down Even my nonfa back then had sense in it

M.anifest is such a smart guy, do you remember when Sarkodie gave him thumps up at the end of his Bossy song? Check this verse too

For the underdawgs and outlaws go get yours Yes we dey form, no we no go conform If you talk funny and think you’ll go scot free Then travel safe my guy, godspeed Nowhere cool coming soon for your cd changer E go shatta glass ceilings, it’s a game changer God mc never been a faker I dey go see shatta for mahama paper My guy obidi, let me return the favor You know what time it is, later is greater

Indeed the Jay Z (Sark) and Nas (M.anifest) of Ghana have just raised the rap game to another level….

Guru is set to release his version too soon, let’s all keep our fingers crossed for Guru’s version soon!

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