Philando Castile and Alton Sterling

by: michael eli dokosi

Blacks in America are enraged about the recent shooting dead of 2 male (Philando Castile and Alton Sterling) in Baton Rouge and Minnesota by police officers who appeared blood thirsty and engaged even though other options could have been tried.

Philando Castile’s girlfriend live-streamed the aftermath, showing him covered in blood with a police officer pointing his gun at him. He was shot as he reached for his driving licence, she said.

Just days earlier Alton Sterling was also shot dead by police during an incident in Baton Rouge on Tuesday forcing hundreds to protest for two nights over Mr Sterling’s killing.

The deaths follow a long line of high-profile incidents involving African-Americans at the hands of the police, igniting a national debate about the lethal use of force.

The officer involved had been put on leave while the Police leadership opens investigation.

Mr Castile, 32, worked as a cafeteria supervisor at a Montessori school. His cousin Antonio Johnson told the Star Tribune newspaper he was “immediately criminally profiled” because he was black.

About 200 people have been protesting outside State Governor Mark Dayton’s mansion in St Paul.

Police killings of Africans/Negroids in the U.S has claimed several hundreds including Walter Scott, Laquan McDonald, Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

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