Bishop 'Angel' Daniel Obinim

by: michael eli dokosi /

It appears ‘the controversial one’ Bishop Daniel Obinim craves for attention so much so that when his name seems to be at peace he perpetuates a new outrageous act to keep the buzz around him going.

This time around, the head of the International God’s Way Church in Kumasi is seen in a video lashing two young lovers with a belt for fornicating and for the girl getting pregnant.

The video reportedly was captured on his Obinim TV but heated debates emerged when it found its way to the social media sphere.

Bishop Obinim who now prefers to be addressed as Angel Obinim’s source of anger with the two lads was that the guy, who had lost his dad and was being catered for by his poor mum would get an apprentice girl pregnant when there was no funds to cater for the baby and the two had no source of income.

In language undeserving of a leader, Obinim constantly asked the two if they were fools or stupid while dishing the beatings and attempts on the part of the lady to find solace behind a smiling Florence Obinim were met with the order “Florence shift your frame” by an incensed Obinim who had little regard for his wife.

To compound an already bad situation, Obinim also ordered a junior pastor of his to retrieve the fleeing girl who is said to be pregnant and bundled her to the Bishop for more whippings. When he had exhausted his strength, Obinim yet again ordered another pastor to unlock his belt and render another whipping session on the fornicators.

Obinim has over the years caused outrage with his antics but seems emboldened to perpetuate more deeds with the apparent laxity of laws and not being made to face consequences of his action.

Issues of human rights abuse and assault could be cited against Obinim but more telling is the fact that junior pastors, ‘Osofo Maame’ Florence Obinim, elders and thinking people in the congregation saw nothing wrong in the shaming of the suspects plus the beatings.

Religion can defy logic and it appears Obinim has joined the family of supposed pastors who command followers to eat grass, go naked before them and kill relations in in the name of healing.

Perhaps Nana Oye Lithur’s Gender, Children and Social Protection ministry shall take keen interest in the case of the young lovers, protect them, counsel them and cause sanctions to be applied against an erring pastor who has little regard of others including his gospel music star wife.

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