npp boaduActing General Secretary of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) John Boadu has made an earnest appeal to President John Dramani Mahama to free the Montie FM contemnors.

According to him, it will be an act of ingratitude on the part of President Mahama to allow the three convicts to remain in prison, especially after one of the contemnors stated publicly he was in the country just to ensure the president retains power, and will thus judiciously work towards that goal at any given opportunity.

John Boadu sarcastically shot at the President in his address on Friday edition of Peace FM’s “Kokrokoo”.

He argued that the contemnors’ penalty had been long overdue because the host of the afternoon political programme on Montie FM, Salifu Maase a.k.a Mugabe and his caliber of panelists have been spewing vitriol and launching scathing attacks virtually everyday on perceived opponents of the Mahama administration.

He cited instances where he (John Boadu) and the flagbearer of his party, Nana Addo, had on countless times been maligned by the Montie FM establishment.

And all the verbal provocations were done to the delight of President John Mahama who also didn’t see the need to bring them to order, John Boadu noted.

“It won’t surprise me for John Mahama to pardon him. If John Mahama doesn’t pardon him, he is an ingrate. Because you’ve given someone a job to undertake and he’s also doing it to perfection. He is insulting those he must insult on your behalf, on a daily basis, and you don’t say anything…He should listen to the NDC.”

He further slammed the Mahama government for creating an impression that the jailing of the contemnors would divide the nation because “this nation has never been divided on two sides. This nation has never been divided. When they were raining insults on everybody all the time, the nation wasn’t divided, but now they’ve received their comeuppance, you want us to believe we are in a state of disunity.”

“Never again in our country should we experience such vituperative from a party in government, where the President also supports that radio station to do that every day,” he posited according to

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