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First Lady Lordina Mahama is a formidable lady. Although thrust onto the public thanks to her president husband, Madam Lordina has reasonably distinguished herself not attracting any significant scandal in a world where even ministers have cost themselves their jobs due to in-discretionary acts.

Madam pricked my interest when I observed her spotting dreadlocks, now in a society where virtually anything native or organic is largely disregarded or treated with lacking contempt, it was a big deal for an Afrocentric fellow like myself.

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I can only imagine the pressure certain persons might have brought on her to perm her hair as other first ladies have done. Perhaps her scalp and hair reacts negatively to heat when under the dryer or the chemicalized hair creams hurt her scalp or perhaps its by choice to retain the style and nature of her hair.

Whatever the reason, I commend Madam Mahama highly, such moves one hopes can assure damsels that retaining one’s natural gifts such as hair, nails and other attributes does not make one crude but rather dignified.

Madam Lordina’s love for children is noted, exemplified by adopting a female child from the Osu Children’s Home to augment the four male kids she’s birthed with first gentleman, Dramani Mahama.

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This writer could not help but make another curios observation, that, the 53-year-old loves varied eye pieces.

Various photos of Lordina, shows her bearing different spectacles sometimes even possessing two at a time. It’s not known if Madam has optical issues or the eye pieces are just worn for their stylist value.

It must be said, she looks stunning with the shades on nonetheless.

Another thing this curious writer noticed is Lordina’s skin complexion. While Madam’s previous photos show she is not dark or chocolaty, it does appear the skin toning craze has seized her although there is no iron cast prove.

Popular Ghanaian personalities and entertainers including Bukom Banku, Mercy Asiedu, Nana Ama McBrown, Bishop Obinim, Yvonne Nelson, Daddy Lumba, Ajos, Ama Boahemaa and Gifty Osei have all been cited for bleaching or its mild variant, skin toning but I only hope Lordina born to Mr. and Mrs. Effah and hailing from Jema-Ampoma in the Nkoranza district of the Brong Ahafo Region hasn’t been bitten by the skin tampering bug.

lordina-mahama ma n lord

I am no stylist neither am I a fashion aficionado but I can see it when someone scrapes her eye brows and in its stead pencils the spot. I am afraid the first lady seems to have tampered with her eye brows and the situation is compounded by the poor pencil work done in its place.

I am no fan of ladies shaving off their God given hairs to fill the spot with a cosmetic pencil or tattoo but I could acknowledge that I have seen a few delightful ones where it complements the face of the bearer.

Lordina_Dramani_Mahama_(cropped) Lordina-Mahama-P

I would have thought Madam with all the resources and personnel at her disposal would find one to do justice to her brows but hey perhaps she loves the way they look or better still perhaps it peps up Papa Mahama in which case my God damn views don’t matter.

Before saying bye however, I should congratulate Madam Lordina Mahama who following in her communication specialist husband speaks fluent English, Hausa, Dagbani and Twi on her weight loss.

lordina sad lordina3

Truly the bulk was over bearing given she has to be mobile because of the varied duties she has to execute as a mother, foundation owner and First Lady.

Her trim figure sure should serve as inspiration to many plump folks who need to contain their weight.


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