Alistair Nelson

by: michael eli dokosi /

montie alaistirPrison graduate and member of the ‘Montie 3’ brigade, Alistair Nelson contends prison life is a tough experience adding even though he only spent about a month in custody, the experience will stick with him for life.

He rendered even though fellow inmates and guards treated them well, the prison condition is deplorable.

“In fact, prison has really changed my life and everything about me. Just a month and I already feel like we’ve been there for like ages. I have learnt a lot throughout our stay in the prison and I must say that it is nothing to write home about” Mr Nelson submitted.

The social commentator revealed when they were hauled before the court, he had planned to display his anger but was constrained by his lawyer.

“I’d wanted to throw my sandals at the judges when we went to the court that day because I knew we would be jailed but my lawyer advised me not to and when we were sentenced, and sent to the prison, my life changed completely.”

A reformed Alistair further stated “I have been reformed so much that even if someone slaps me on my left cheek, I would turn the other side for the person to slap me again.”

He was however not pleased with the manner prison wardens abuse charged offenders stating they were made to feel like criminals when they political prisoners.

Presenter Salifu Maase alias Mugabe, Alistair Nelson and Godwin Ako Gunn comprising the ‘Montie 3’ were given a four month jailed term for scandalising the Supreme Court. The three were sentenced on July 27, 2016 but gained freedom on Friday, 25 August when President Mahama remitted the remainder of their sentence.

They had threatened to kill judges who sat on a case involving the Electoral Commission and to rape the Chief Justice, Georgina Wood, if judgement did not go the way they wanted.

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