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kufuor-stirDespite assertions by opposition parties and some observers that President Mahama has not shown the needed commitment in clamping down on corruption, he disagrees pointing out his ‘Sunlight Policy.’

According to candidate Mahama, his ‘Sunlight’ policy of exposing corrupt deeds, investigating persons involved in corrupt acts and meting out punishment is testament of his commitment unlike in the past where afraid of being branded, governments shielded corrupt officials.

He mentioned at the NDC’s 2016 manifesto launch at the Sunyani Coronation Park in the Brong Ahafo region that Ghana’s current position on the Transparency Perception Index is far better than its placement during the 2001-2008 Kufuor period.

He urged his in-laws, given his wife, Lordina Dramani Mahama hails from the region, to work efficiently to canvass for votes and turn out in their numbers to vote for him and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) parliamentary candidates.

He described the professionals who worked on the over 100 page manifesto document as some of the finest brains he’s worked with thanking the Manifesto Committee Chairman, Lee Ocran for helping assemble the visionary, pragmatic document incorporating the party ideology and collective Ghanaian aspirations.

President Mahama relayed, the manifesto’s language and style was simple and straight forward for easy reading urging all to get a copy in hard copy or soft to digest the policies of the party for the next term.

The country’s leader intimated that transparent and accountable governance, health, social protection, and infrastructural development are key themes underlying the manifesto which citizens will see manifested even better in the next term.

“We have been candid and frank with the people of Ghana. The NDC is the most prepared and peaceful option to vote for,” Candidate Mahama concluded.

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