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by: michael eli dokosi /www.blakkpepper.com/ghana

lord lord paper

Perhaps frustrated at his musical fortunes not showing promise even after a decade, 26-year-old musician Michael Takyi Frimpong alias Lord Paper chose a different tactic to get fame and possibly make some money from his new song and video.

Lord-PaperGiven that his ‘Awurama’ music video trended on Twitter and Facebook, Lord Paper must have been delighted but not without backlash from certain quarters.

The video shows, Lord Paper in a studio with notebook, pen and recording gadgets trying to produce music but falls in a slumber only for viewers to be given a flashback of an explosive sexual action involving Lord and a lady.

lord paper 3Lord bearing dreadlocks interlocks with the female dreadlock model, stripping her of clothes, brassiere and pants before proceeding to thrust and spear the honeypot of the damsel amid kissing and smooching.

True to form some Ghanaians found the video distasteful and quickly labeled it porn but critically chastised the female model for assenting to such debasement on screen.

It’s also emerged the model, Nana Yaa real name Vonita Pearl Darko got paid GH¢1500.00 for her acting role with Lord noting it’s unfortunate how certain folks are berating the model and the video.

“She is a video victim, I like her looks, I talked to couple of girls who were willing to do but I chose her.

nana yaa 7 nana yaa3

“I agreed with my management to release the video, I only portrayed exactly what love making is in the music, the video is rated adult only, it’s a love song, making love with my loved one, I intended to portray exactly that, I didn’t want to hide things, wanted it to look real, but everything in the video is not real, nothing is real, just that we had to make it looked real, we all have different ways of doing things, I didn’t know it will go this far, I don’t know the one who downloaded it from YouTube to twitter and other social media,” he submitted.

The Zabb Mallet produced song which has a jazz, rock feel sees Lord Paper intimating he seeks to make love to his lady ‘Awuruma’, kissing and holding her all night long.

The North Kanashie based singer opined when interviewed that the Yawng C directed video was shot in August and took about 4 hours to complete adding he only sought for his singing talent to be finally appreciated stressing the video explained how lovers behaved when reunited after a while.

As to Lord Paper and Nana Yaa actually had intercourse is subject to interpretation but Lord insist there was no sex in the video and that kissing was the only real deed undertaken.

Youtube officials pulled down the video after it received complaints from viewers.

Nana Yaa’s dad Opanin Nana Kofi Darko II also a reported reggae singer has expressed displeasure with his daughter’s venture implying although his daughter was well raised at home, this tendency of hers must have come from her mother whom she described in unsavory terms.

Lord paper has however used the fame his bold move has brought him to launch his NGO Project live on radio. It remains to be seen if his new found fame has what it takes to last.

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