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While the debate rages on about the appropriateness of President Mahama offering cash to certain people as the video purportedly shows, new information has emerged ostensibly from the Agblogbloshie traders who gained from the president’s supposed benevolence.

Egg seller, Rebecca Kamasah, claims the president while in his convoy noticed that in a bit to catch a glimpse of his good-self, certain men surging forward had collided with her wares, destroying them in the process leading to John Mahama offering GHȼ50 to her as compensation.

Rahinatu Moro, an onion seller also narrated a similar account to Atinka News, confirming she also gained GHȼ50 for similar reasons.

When video emerged appearing to show the president signaling out certain people to come for something in his palm, there were conflicting accounts. While some contended that he was on a vote buying spree, inducing the electorate with cash and gifts, others were measured pointing out that the leader appeared to have spotted peculiar people before calling out to them for the exchange to take place.

What is beyond doubt is the poor handling of the situation by government communicators and Chief of Staff, Julius Debrah who in one breath stated the president might have given out leaflets knowing that presidents don’t carry money on them while Campaign Coordinator, Kofi Adams submitted even if it were money that was offered, it shouldn’t lead to a vote buying conclusion.

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