maha sunyaniPresidential Candidate of the National Democratic Congress, John Dramani Mahama has launched his party’s 2016 manifesto at the Sunyani Coronation Park to an ecstatic crowd.

Making his case for a second term at the presidency, president Mahama stated his first  4 years in power has seen educational facilities expanded to places like Otuam, Agona Bodom and numerous other Ghanaian towns and villages making education accessible to pupils who only saw grand buildings on television or dreamed about them.

mahama vice n lordHe added, with the new schools and equipments, his government has enabled a secure and prosperous future for many of the pupils.

On health advancements under his watch, President Mahama disclosed, HIV from mother to child has been severely curtailed thanks to available drugs and proper monitoring. He stated Guinea worm infections have been eradicated in the country while Ghanaian life expectancy now stands at 63 years only beaten by Cape Verde on the continent.

He stated there is now more modern health facilities, more hospital beds and the NHIS experiencing growth in utilization and claim payments.

He saluted the various worker groups in the country promising that as the economy grows swiftly in his next term, more pay can be expected.

On Energy, the NDC presidential nominee made known that 82% of the populace have access to power adding his government has enabled the most road construction projects in the country’s history stressing the housing expansion project is also more than any other government’s effort.

According to President Mahama, the right policy implementation led to a boom of the telecommunication sector and it’s rapid growth while 400,000 jobs were created thanks to the massive infrastructural development projects.

He conceded that high inflation, low donor inflow and instability on the foreign exchange market were key challenges his government faced in the first term but pledged to work in cutting market deficit to 6%, bring down inflation to a single digit while with a forecast of the Ghanaian economy growing by 8% in 2017, he opined the future looks bright.

Nonetheless he mentioned that the economy grew better in the last 8 years than the Kufuor period of 2001-2008.

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