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President Mahama claims he does not know the sum the NPP government expended on the redenomination of the cedi in 2007 stating for Dr. Bawumia to be championing probity and accountability with such vigour, it was time to tell Ghanaians how much they robbed Ghanaians in that exercise.

President cum candidate Mahama, threw the salvo during his second tour of the Greater Accra Region which took him to the Kaneshie Market, Bubuashie, Atico and Kokomelemle.

He charged that till date, the New Patriotic Party has failed to render an account regarding the redenomination exercise undertaken be the Kufuor regime.

“He, Bawumia who was the Deputy Governor at the time has failed to come clean on the issue but has the nerve to talk about corruption,” Mahama sneered.

After calling on the Fadama chief, the National Democratic Congress’ presidential aspirant held a rally at the Fadama Park where he was in good company with party sympathisers and observers.

President Mahama further poured scorn on Nana Addo’s pledge that he will accelerate development in the Zongos charging “what did NPP do for Zongos in 8 years” warning the electorates to disregard such vain pledges.

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