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zugah-9The craze of popular people desiring to hide their private affairs from the public glare is very much alive with actress Vicky Zugah the latest to reveal she is indeed married to Adrian Bolt Lewis who was the Sierra Leonean representative for Big Brother Africa – The Chase in 2013.

Vicky who is reported to be pregnant submitted she chose to keep her love life on the low to ward off intruders.

“The less people know, the better. When you put your business out there, people think they know too much. Even people who do not know much start to talk as if they know it all so to keep your business going well you need to keep part of it private,” she informed Hitz FM’s MzGee.

I didn’t disclose the date for the engagement because it’s not really anyone’s business. “It is my engagement and I decide to tell who I want to tell so I felt it wasn’t compulsory or necessary to put it out. I invited people I thought wouldn’t disclose because I want it private,” she added.

Vicky is said to be mother to two children so that when she puts to bed, that will take her tally to three.

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