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Paramount Chief of Essikado Traditional Area, Nana Kobina Nketsia V says he was befuddled when asked to be special guest of honour at the 27th National Marketing Performance Awards especially when he is to speak to the issue bearing in mind the theme, Democracy and National Cohesion: Marketing a new Political Paradigm

Nana, bemoaned the practice where everything one says is viewed through partisan political lenses with neglect to national aspirations.

He said although the recent CDD research shows 7 out of 10 prefer democratic governance rather than traditional or military rule other research shows a 5/5 division where there is no compromise on view points.

He said the situation also shows “a national insanity.”

“I wrote a book a little of 900 pages where there is a word I used but can’t pronounce it here”. He was concerned certain political figures seeking votes offer enema and other idiotic items to be voted for wondering if such persons who are to lead and manage public affairs, economy and foreign affairs are fit to do so.

What kind of culture or democracy can advance our cause? He asked, adding colonial suppressors badly mutilated chieftaincy but when he needs to look within it is the indigenous society and people who restore his sanity.

The Paramount Chief of Essikado Traditional Area further compared Ashanti governance and Westminster governance styles.

He observed with proper democracy, government could not be apart from the people. “We had it but we shout democracy democracy vainly now. On what African theory of philosophy do we base our democracy?”

This is English Ghana, “those of us who wear cloth are disrespected and look down on.”

“We look at chieftaincy through feudal eyes but we have never had feudalism. We had politics of consensus building and inclusiveness but now some democracy we practice. Anyone who depends on donor support is sick and can’t take care of itself.”

He bemoaned the government’s dependence on donors for budget implementation and execution of projects.

“When we want to be like the Europeans why sack them as Kobina Sekyi and Frantz Fanon contended.”

“If we don’t hold the Ghana egg propel it will shatter. Yugoslavia is gone, Czechoslovakia is also gone. That is why I champion peace because we have to be very careful,” Nana reiterated.

“Peace is not negotiable but it is with it that all other reforms can be pursued,” he concluded.

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