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Prof. Agyeman Badu Akosa has strongly opposed the endorsement of presidential aspirants by chiefs calling the development a threat which could consume the society.

The doctor, pathologist, academic, researcher and social commentator held that chiefs hold prime positions in society by virtue of their lineage and office warning if chiefs are openly marked out as belonging to party A or B it alienates sections of the communities they govern who reckon their concerns would not be treated with the impartiality required.

The Executive Director of Healthy Ghana, stressed “your community must not know where you stand on the political divide.”

Recently, a Peki chief in the Volta Region had made the case that chiefs ought to be allowed by the constitution to speak on issues since they also feel hardships in the society but the Nkrumahist volleyed that because of the cohesive role chiefs play in society, if they are allowed to engage in partisan politics, such a role will be eroded warning “it is chieftaincy disputes which could incense a native to destroy property and take lives without any guilt.”

On their respective tours across the country, both the NPP’s Nana Addo and the NDC’s Dramani Mahama have harvested endorsements from chiefs which violates the constitution.

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