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The People’s National Convention (PNC) has petitioned the Electoral Commission (EC) seeking the reinstatement of its presidential aspirant, Dr. Edward Mahama within 48 hours or be left with no choice than to seek legal redress.

In a 30 bullet point petition, lawyer for Dr. Mahama, Dr. Raymond Atuguba stated after going through the nomination form of his client, it was clear the EC could not penalize his client if an endorser of his form had also endorsed the presidential form of competitor and former PNC presidential aspirant, Hassan Ayariga.

Dr Atuguba maintained his client, Dr. Mahama could only scrutinize the details of the endorser bearing in mind the requirements set by law which the said endorser met adding if it turned out he had also done same for another party, his client could not pay for the sins of another.

But in the EC gave reasons for Edward Nasigri Mahama’s disqualification as shown below:

  1. Dr. Edward Nasigri Mahama – PNC

The Commission is unable to accept Dr. Mahama’s nomination for the following reasons:

A. Many subscribers did not properly sign the forms. Thumbprints, signatures or marks were omitted all together. For instance, no signatures on Page 16, 24,

B. Two subscribers to Dr. Mahama’s nominations also subscribed for another presidential candidate. These are:

I. Abaako Issifu (page 103)

Voter ID number 2988006876

PS code: J110202

II. Abudu Ayuba (page 95)

Voter ID number 6303005554

PS code: H200201

The EC disqualified 13 presidential aspirants who failed to meet its vetting requirement and already the PPP and NDP have taken on the commission seeking for their candidates to be placed on the ballot paper to be voted for.

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