tumor-patient-before-and-afterA middle-aged trader, Veronica Kumako, who underwent a facial tumor surgery courtesy of Vodafone’s Healthline programme, has expressed her profound gratitude to the telecommunications giant, revealing that her life is more than beautiful now.

Following a decade of misery, the cheerful Veronica said she is now empowered to socialize, laugh and work to provide for herself and her son.

Before the successful surgery, Veronica lived with a tumor that affected her eyes, disfigured her face and made breathing difficult. Her condition made her a liability to her immediate family, neighbors and customers alike.

“I started feeling some swelling in my nostrils at age 24.Three years later, I couldn’t breathe well and later a small boil appeared closer to my eye. I didn’t approach it with seriousness until it became so big that I had to go to Battor, where I was transferred to Korle Bu” said Vero on the award-winning television show, Vodafone Healthline. “When my condition didn’t get better after five years, my husband absconded and left me to my fate”.

Vero said initially she couldn’t do her business in the market because no one wanted to come close to her but now, everything has changed. “Now my heart is at rest and I give Vodafone Ghana the credit”, she added.

Healthline, since 2011, has catered for the full cost of surgeries for many financially challenged Ghanaians suffering from various health conditions. The programme also educates, informs and demystifies various myths on health related conditions.

Season 6 of the 13-episode series airs on UTV at 9pm on Mondays, with a repeated version on TV3 on Saturdays at 6:30pm.

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