Hassan Ayariga

The flagbearer of the All People’s Congress (APC), Hassan Ayariga, has said he has achieved a lot in life at age 44 more than what Ghana has achieved in 58 years of its independence.

He is one of twelve flag bearers disqualified from contesting in the December 7 presidential election,

Speaking in an interview with Ghana Web on Thursday October 13, on his disqualification, he said: “I have spent more than $6million on my campaign. If I were not a serious person, I would not get this far. … [There are] brand new pick-up (vehicles) in my office… Do you know how much one costs? It is a lot of money. If you go outside there, there are Land Cruisers parked out there for campaign. You think I bought them because I want to drive cars? I bought them because I want to do my campaign (and) so if someone sits somewhere to say that I am not serious, then the day I am serious, I will buy heaven, I will have heaven to myself.”

He added: “…I have two plots [of land] only for one of the swimming pools and I want to make my people happy. Those who have never seen a swimming pool, they can come and swim in my house. I have a bar, a big restaurant, I have a mosque for prayers…so I am trying to build so that tomorrow when I become the president, Ghanaians will not say I used their money to build my castle, because that is what they are fond of doing.

“I can thank God for my achievements so far. I am only 44 years old and I look at my achievements at 44 years, even Ghana has not achieved that at 58 as a nation. So that means there is something wrong with our people and we need leaders who can transform the lives of our people, who can motivate the youth, and inspire them to bring out their potentials, not leaders who think of themselves alone.”

Ghana Web

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