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Independent Presidential Aspirant heading into the December elections, Jacob Osei Yeboah is resolute that he will cause an upset reiterating his call that ambulances be placed at the residences of president Mahama and NPP’s Nana Addo because of the shock his victory will cause.

JOY cut his presidential race teeth in 2012 where he garnered 15,201 votes representing 0.14% of the total vote cast.

Despite the meagre figure, JOY is convinced “the outcome of elections does not lie in the bosom of political parties but lies in the will of God.”

He described this election as one of reckoning adding since the 2016 election was the 7th in the series, it was time to purge the system.

On the disqualification of 12 other presidential hopefuls including some notable names, Jacob Osei Yeboah stated he was not surprised about the disqualifications adding “NDC and NPP could have been disqualified since the law is no respector of persons.”

According to the only independent candidate in the December 7 race, his manifesto document is ready and shall soon be unveiled.

“It marvels me to hear people ask if I have people to govern with. Being independent does not mean I don’t have a team or I am single,” JOY concluded.

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