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It’s been 18 days of anxiety for PPP presidential aspirant, Dr. Kwesi Nduom since that tortuous announcement by Electoral Commission Chair, Charlotte Osei on his disqualification as well as 11 others.

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Within the ensuing period, Ndoum, a business tycoon with over 40 businesses in his stable had run to the media to make his case, that he more than any candidate had been an obedient man, filing his tax returns, declaring his assets and making his filing fee payment on bankers draft in time as instructed by  Madam Osei.

He had also sought a 5 minute interaction with Madam Osei to point out to her he couldn’t be thrown out the race over clerical errors but nothing would yield till he, in a genius move fell on former attorney general, Ayikoi Otoo to pray the court to compel the EC allow him effect corrections on his form and be made eligible on the ballot.

Today, at the High Court in Accra, reading a 30-page judgement, Justice Eric Kyei Baffour informed the Ghanaian Electoral Commission head that her disqualification decision made no sense ordering the commission to reinstate the ‘pr3 papa pr3ko party’ founder in the race.

With barely 40 days to Election Day all other things being equal, Dr. Ndoum’s victory was timely and fell on fertile soil for a good number of Ghanaians would rather Ndoum appeared on the ballot than any other disqualified aspirant.

With life breathed into his campaign, the ‘Ya Sore’ man ditched his ride and walked with the masses who had amassed at the court precincts praying for some good news to party headquarters at Asylum Down.

The scene was enchanting as it was charged. With busloads of people drumming, dancing and singing following the entourage, it was clear Ndoum’s victory meant a lot to some people who could not help but rub it in that Ndoum had put Charlotte Osei on the ground.

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