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Any public office holder or public person must know he is fair game. Just as they depend on public goodwill to sell their policies, wares and content, they must be thick-skinned enough to withstand some poking, false news and damn right lies.

But Christian Ghanaian born, UK-based singer Sonnie Badu exposed his very sensitive skin when news about his death at an Australian hospital emerged online on pages and some blogs.

Although the song ‘ministrator’ and his team took the right step by dismissing the false news and stating that Sonnie was doing great, the singer found it necessary to wish death within three weeks upon persons behind the death news.

“….. and if that is your wish, within 3 weeks may you experience what you typed,” he made known.

He added: “All bloggers with false information claiming they spoke to someone from our camp and stupidly put confirmed!! have 30mins to take it off their site…..failure to do so will result in a lawsuit from which all proceeds will be given to orphans.”

After the Sunday, February 26, false death which went viral that the musician had passed at a hospital in Australia, a statement by management of the artiste explained that he “has been discharged from the hospital,” showing the artiste was indeed admitted at a hospital facility.

For a supposed Christian, many found Sonnie’s death sentence as a departure from the forgiveness doctrine the faith admonishes.

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