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dobble-vTruth can be stranger than fiction and one time music duo, Dobble, comprising Paa Kwasi Nulyfer and Ennwai Nana Yaw can attest to this.

How else can one explain the curious situation where after breaking up, their ‘Christy’ song produced by Danny Beatz is now enjoying massive airplay on radio and at social events including weddings, birthdays, outdoorings and even funerals.

The songs is so popular that it threatens to become the official Kwahu Easter song this year especially when the two clever chaps incorporated popular Kwahu towns in their song.

The headache is how to cash in on the windfall. How to even though they’ve parted ways, close rank, take much needed cash from event organisers and perform the song fans crave for so much.

You see the ‘Christy’ song was offered in or around February 2016 to lukewarm reception. Then in May 2016, the pair separated. The reason, they’ve both refused to say although the usual suspects are differences in money share and craving for particular girls but the pair have been tightlipped on the actual cause for the split.

Since the split, Paa Kwasi has gone on to offer ‘Alomo’ and ‘Nnipa Dasanni Wo Anka.’

While Ennwai has offered ‘Give Thanks’, ‘Ob3 Taazin,’ ‘Halle Halle,’ ‘I Do Yawa,’ to respectable reception but it is ‘Christy’ which is on the verge of  giving the pair a truly national hit, fame and some good money some 11 months later especially when Easter is around the corner.

In ‘Christy’ produced by Danny Beatz, a love-struck man pledges he is ready to hoist Christy, his lady love of interest shoulder high pleading with her mum to pave way so he can have access to his sweet heart.

Paa Kwasi Nulyfer submits in the song that he was on the look out to grab a bite on the streets of Bubuashie when he spotted an enchantress of a damsel in Christy. He approached her because she was fine and divine so was ready to bear cost of any item she desired but when he later tracked her home, Christy’s mum rendered her daughter had journeyed to the mountains in Kwahu.

Kwasi then mourns the potential loss of his potential lover noting despite the availability of Yaa Pompo, Akosua Kotodwe, Afia Mansa and Nana Ama, it was Christy who had captured his very being.

The chorus for the song //Christy bra, Christy bra, Christy bra// although simple, gave the song some of its most loved appeal.

Ennwai Nana Yaw makes an entry pledging he will engage Christy in Kwahu, Abetifi, Obomi, Oboo, Enprayesu or Etibie adding he begins his sojourn immediately.

He adds, with an all seeing eye, one could see what lovers were up to, stating while some were winning the affection of their sweet hearts with cash, others were winning theirs with big talk while others still were securing affection with the number of strokes they could master when pounding their damsels in bed.

He entreats the mothers to be less strict so the bachelors can have access to their lady loves.

Real House Pictures handled the video for the song with Steve Gyamfi in charge as director.

Using a typical Ghanaian compound house, Steve weaves a narrative which although simple in concept remained pleasant to the eye.

The video had varied characters in the house from young vibrant ones to an elderly man who still appreciated beauty when he saw one.

There is real connection between Paa Kwasi and Ennwai Nana Yaw in this video. There was warmth, camaraderie and one could sense the pair had a good time on set.

There is the dancer who puts his waist to impressive use, a boxer who is more of a gossip, a sweet lady all desired in the house yet could not land, the comic who seeks to woo the lady with his antics, the husband who gets bullied by his wife but would not allow neighbours to intercede on his behalf.

Who knows, perhaps Christy can reunite the ‘bois’ who together as Dobble gave us (Walahi Talahi, Good Mood, Adiepena, Deepest Side (Ft Shatta Wale), What Can Come Can Come (Ft Bisa Kdei), Otan Ni Aduro, 1 Click, Only U, Guerro and Spark Ma Moto).

Enjoy ‘Christy’ by Dobble:

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