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Pastor Otabil
Pastor Otabil

Preacher Head of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), Mensa Otabil says he took a vow never to consume fufu (pounded cassava and plantain or cocoyam dish) again because of the tedious process involved in making the meal.

The man whose motivational speeches and supposed philosophical renderings has endeared him to many of the Christian faith and beyond also submitted in the speech to congregants that the mortar used for pounding the fufu in was “an ecosystem of bacteria” given the remnants sometimes found in some mortars which don’t receive diligent washing.

mortar-ooAside taking issue with unsanitized mortars, the man who loves to be adorned in flowing gown took issue with the practice of consuming food with the fingers branding the practice as antiquated stressing “the Chinese, Romans and Japanese all ate with their fingers but moved on to chopsticks, stainless steel forks and spoons” while the African said no.

Perhaps aware his renderings would spark counter arguments, Pastor Otabil mentioned “I am not a white man” to stress he was one of us but has adjusted his ways adding “attitude in Ghana, Nigeria and other African states affects how we adapt to global changes around us.”

While many have found and taken wisdom from Dr. Otabil’s messages, many contend his rendering this time around lacked substance.

On the fufu take, a good number of folks online took to sharing their bowl of fufu either with meat, fish or a blend of both with some insinuating the late Asantehemaa who died after 100 years enjoyed fufu till her last breath.

Some submitted while Otabil and his ilk take issue with the consumption of fufu, they might as well focus attention on the creeping obesity challenge on our hands thanks to the increased consumption of fizzy drinks, pizza and other junk food at malls and other fast food joints.

For others, ‘the eating with fingers’ attack is flawed given certain enquiries show consuming meals with fingers sits well with the body than with other gadgets. If the good preacher man had stated a preference for forks, chopsticks and cutlery for instance, it wouldn’t have generated heat but attempting to denigrate the African way and meals exposed the Fante man by ethnicity to scrutiny.

On mortars being breeding ground for bacteria, all it needs is to use shiner after a pounding session to wash the insides well, dry and on the next occasion of usage, use warm water to wash.

Every now and again, there is a bad day at the work place and Pastor Otabil appears to have suffered such a fate on the day unless of course he is a coon masquerading as a conscious brother of the community.

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