African Eunuch

Eunuchs were castrated African men kidnapped from Darfur, Abyssinia, Korodofan, Zanzibar and other African nations. Ironically because of their lack of sexual function they obtained great privileges as Harem guards and palace courtiers. Eunuchs were generally operated on by Arabs known as the Chamba.

Young boys, victims from raids and wars were subjected to the horrid monstrous inhumane process of castration without anesthesia which had a 60% mortality. To stop the bleeding hot coals were cast into the naked wound, which was followed by the most blood curdling alien scream a human could make.

If the child survived this brutal act there was to be a life of influence and luxury; silk garments, Arabian thoroughbreds and jewels were bestowed on them to reflect the wealth of their masters.

They served as guards and caretakers of mosques as well as administrators.

Warriors of African Consciousness

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