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When Shatta Movement Family and Solash Entertainment in partnership with Shatta Movement Empire conceived the idea to host the ‘Shatta Wale Live In Cape Coast Sports Stadium’ concert to rake in some good cash, they had hoped days after the show, reviews would all be positive but that has not been the case.

yaa-ponoRight after the February 18, 2017 show, it emerged organisers had failed to cover the pitch leading to disorientation of the playing field which hosts football matches.

While the night belonged to Shatta Wale, supporting acts including Medikal, Pope Skinny and Sister Afia got the opportunity to thrill eager fans but circumstances surrounding Yaa Pono’s failiure to mount the stage has since not gone down well with keen music observers who sense sabotage at play.

Nydjlive reports an aggrieved Yaa Pono felt organisers feared he would drown the main act Shatta Wale hence the sabotage despite catering for his lodging and feeding.

shatta-cape-ii“We left Tamale for Kumasi and later flew in to Cape Coast hoping to put up a great show but eventually, the organizers put up an act of cowardice by disallowing us from performing. I’m sure they were scared we will take over the show since the people of Cape Coast like me more than any other act and were calling for me,” the rustic rapper submitted.

Nonetheless the concert is reported to have enjoyed the largest concert turnout in the Cape Coast metropolis and Shatta Wale true to form dished hits from his repertoire to eager reception.

Shatta Wale meanwhile insists he has no idea why Yaa Pono failed to mount the stage as he was in his hotel room, only coming out when it was his turn to perform.


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