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ok-saucingOkyeame Kwame is a man who’s proven that time indeed makes things clearer. You see, Kwame started out with Okyeame Ouophi as the music duo ‘Akyeame’.

Hailing from a financially challenged background, Kwame partnered with Quophi whose parents had dough in addition to himself being on radio even in the 1990s.

The duo will go on to churn lovely tunes but as with most partnerships, the two parted ways, now for some people that would have ben it but Kwame rallied his skills, dug deep and offered ‘Woso’ to tremendous acclaim.

Effectively branding himself as the rap doctor, he will go on to secure the love of a budding lady, Annica.

Mind you, Kwame had been involved with popular actress Nana Ama McBrown but things fell apart but in Annica he found a lady who purpose drove him.

He will enroll at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology specializing in the Twi language while Annica will change course to business study so together they could build and manage their empire.

That union birthed Sir and then Sante their male and female wards respectively and being always savvy projected them to public consciousness.

In his saucing new song, Okyeame Kwame features his son Sir Bota Nsiah-Apau and daughter Sante. The tune is produced by Abouchi and video shot by Phamous Philms.

The video released on March 11 already has 45,081 views underling the warmth the song is receiving.

What makes this tune pleasant is Sir’s flow and witty use of expressions. Take the following for instance:

//They say saucing is the new swag//

//Oseikrom ta mekyi-singlet//

//Uncle Stone sɛ me ne the Rap Prince nu//

//Almost smarter than my teacher//

//Uncle Kunta, sorry na mennyɛ Simple//

While Sante’s pretty self, charms effortlessly.

The chorus makes for pleasant listening and it’s safe to say Kwame might not hail from royalty but is forming his own dynasty with Annica full of smiles beside his king, prince and princess.

Enjoy ‘Saucing’:

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