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A good number if Ghanaians have expressed their outrage at the news that a supervisor at fast food chain, Marwako Restaurant at Abelenkpe has smeared the face of female worker, Evelyn Boakye into blended pepper and spice.

Jihad Chaaban, 26
Jihad Chaaban, 26

Jihad Chaaban, 26 and brother-in-law of the owner of the restaurant, Alhaji Marwan is said to have grabbed the neck of Evelyn and rubbed her face not sparing her delicate eyes, nostrils into the blended pepper for being slow in the execution of her chore but victim, Evelyn submits she was inspecting the blender upon realizing the sound emanating upon blending the ingredients to spice the chicken did not sound right when Chaaban hailing expletives attacked.

The part which must have evoked such strong feeling for Evelyn from her fellow Ghanaians was when Chaaban not satisfied with his dastardly act further locked up Evelyn in a room for hours when she tried to wash her face and eyes with running water after escaping from him.

Evelyn has since reported the case to the Tesano Police who arrested Jihad Chaaban and taken his statement and has since granted him bail pending further investigation.

Management of Marwako Restaurant say Chaaban has been suspended.

fb_img_1488641785963That, Ghanaians who know not Evelyn found the act against her reprehensible is heartwarming. That, many sentiments online showed that as citizens, foreigners making money on our land should and cannot be allowed to abuse our hospitality is in order.

That some have started the campaign #BoycottMarwako has it merits.

The act by the Lebanese, Chaaban and the storm its generated shows that a good number of Ghanaians are aware that immigrants owning businesses in this country often abuse the locals who help to make their business successful yet don’t get penalized by the state bodies as much as they ought to either by offering cash to the authorities to look away or let the case die a natural death.

Many cite the Indian, Chinese and Lebanese business owners as being particularly nasty towards their local employees yet get aware often with their misdeeds.

Another local employee at Peter Pan, a food joint was reported to have been slapped by an immigrant supervisor with a hot pizza. That act equally provoked outrage but as it turned out, the victim was offered cash compensation and the police too let it slide despite efforts by some media outlets to ensure the offender was prosecuted.

When Evelyn was being pepper rubbed and eventually locked up in a room with pepper in her face, her fellow Ghanaians were said to be so terrified of losing their jobs if they intervened that they looked on helplessly.

To think that on our own land, immigrants cold dominate us and yet still dominate us in their countries is a truly pathetic scenario in Nkrumah’s Ghana, that fierce liberation fighter.

Blakkpepper can only hope the police and the courts can see the gravity of this case such that while Evelyn Boakye gets compensated financially for her woes, the offender, Jihad Chaaban is made to spend some time at the Nsawam Maximum Security Prison to feel the other side of the Ghanaian experience.

Come to think of it, despite their being on a high horse, Marwako Fast Foods really ain’t all that. For a period, I had business to execute at Abelenkpe, where they have a branch and I could see chicken parts all left behind on plates after consumers had made their order.

True, their flamed chicken when being prepared in the oven looks inviting but the verdict on the plates offer a different tale. The taste often is poor, the grilling not the best and even the rice could be better.

At their La branch, I once ordered a shawarma and to put it mildly, the taste could have been better. Some have praised their citrus juice which is well and good but if they had any sense, Marwako Fast Foods would embrace their fault (since this wouldn’t be an isolated case), take steps to address concerns of patrons and staff instead of the smart a*s games they are playing with persons who call to find out more about the abuse.

Call Marwako Fast Foods Abelenkpe branch on (+233) 0500102030 to keep the pressure mounting for action.


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