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It might have been a brewing feud but meat appeared on the bones on February 18, 2017 when rapper, Yaa Pono alias Ponobiom did not take it likely when he was allegedly obstructed from performing at the ‘Shatta Wale Live In Cape Coast Sports Stadium’ show believing Shatta Wale engineered for him to be excluded despite being invited for the show.


Ponobiom’s claim carried some credence especially when the show was put together by Shatta Movement Family and Solash Entertainment in partnership with Shatta Movement Empire.

Since that incident, Wale downplayed Ponobiom’s inability to perform even jeering at him but an aggrieved Ponobiom found certain utterances by Wale in a Facebook video distasteful. What emerged from the Uptown Energy Camp was ‘Noko’ produced by Jay Twist. In the song, Ponobiom asserts Shatta Wale can’t touch him noting in varied areas across the country, he’s got street credibility.

Ponobiom then dared the afro-pop/reggae/dancehall practitioner to utter a negative word about him and see how he would unleash verbal onslaughts on him. In summary, he challenged the self-acclaimed dancehall king to say ‘Fi’, a daring word used commonly here among feuding youngsters.

In response, the often unrestrained producer, sound engineer and prolific song man, Wale called Ponobiom’s bluff in an expletives-laden tune titled ‘Say Fi’. It should be noted that unlike his battles with other artistes, this time Ponobiom had public opinion on his side on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. Observers and fans of Ponobiom and other artistes had made fun of Wale for being unable to say ‘fi’.

In ‘Say Fi’, Shatta Wale rams hard into Yaa Pono stating he was being misled to dare him since he would be worse off. Wale claimed Yaa Pono was a prostitute, mocking his stage name Yaa Pono (Yaa being a female name for Thursday borns) as being effeminate. He claims Pono gets banged in his behind across the city adding he better quit the childish raps he renders as it’s the cause of not having hits and remaining poor.

Wale does not spare Pono’s mum and dad claiming his dad was a rapist who smashed his mum leading to his birth which was a mistake.

Yaa Pono must have realized he had a music war on his hand so in countering, he let himself go rendering the very popular track ‘Gbee Naabu’ (dog mouth) produced by Unda Beatz.

In Gbee Naabu, Pono claims Shatta has a terrible mouth odour, was severely beaten in London (reiterating claims Shatta was found of picking things which didn’t belong to him) but crucially added his heavy lips were like trousers which has been a source of social media jokes.

Again Pono taps into the sellout claims against Wale by his former managers and even artistes he beefed with in the past adding he is deadly given he is blend of a dragon and a raccoon.

Entering wild lane, Pono submits further that wale has AIDS, his kids not fathered by his juice and also alleged Wale had been banged in the behind so much he now wears pampers to prevent leakages.

Then he claims it is no secret, he goes for juju from a woman in Burkina Faso.

The ‘Gbee Naabu’ song touched a nerve and in swift reply, Shatta Wale released ‘One Man Killer’.

In it, Shatta Wale who employs the use of the Patois language warns he is battle ready for any onslaught targeted at him adding he is ready to meet, kill and bury any attacker stressing he owns a gun.

He roped in Iwan whom he’s had issues with for a long time stating he is living in penury because of his lies and false claims.

Wale further warns the beefs could end deadly if government, soldiers and the police do not intervene because he would not be restrained when he meets those soiling his name.

Already Ponobiom is reportedly ready to release his third diss song aimed at Wale. Ponobiom is surely riding the surf as public opinion seems to be in his court but it remains to be seen if it will be one too many.

Already Shatta Wale has noted on his Facebook page, he will not pay heed to Ponobiom further as he has set his sights on making and releasing commercial hit tunes for the year.

Not all fights must be entered into bit Shatta Wale reckons he can take on anybody at any time but the Ponobiom beef shows fan apathy is something even the most adored celebrities can suffer.


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