Technically the British has ONLY ONE LEGITIMATE COLONY in what became Ghana and that’s Asante. More specifically Kumase, Edweso/Ejisu, Bantama and not more than three others. So when I use “Asante” don’t imagine anything grand as has been painted in over the years.

By the moral of the time a conquered territory could regain and assert its sovereignty either by ‘de-conquest’ or the fall of the Conquerer entity. By 1900 Britain and its local allies had capitalised on internal civil wars between Kumase and its purported union members (many of whom fought on the side of the enemy forces) and conquered it.

If it were in Europe, the allied forces would have balkanised the conquered territory amongst themselves. Subsequently it was occupied with a humiliating British unit. By the standards of the times THAT WAS A LEGITIMATE POSSESSION. THEY COULD NOT DEMAND INDEPENDENCE OR CHALLENGE ANYTHING THE BRITISH DECIDED TO DO THERE. THEY WERE CONQUERED PEOPLE.

Reverse backward quickly and look at the situation and the creeping evolution of British hegemony on the Fantse-Guan mix, Wassa, Ahanta, et al. Fantse-Guan mix specially were no conquered people of Cape Coast. They were trade partners and abundant evidence exist to prove for many decade the Europeans, and later Britain, could do as they pleased.

Then again Bond of 1844, which has ONLY THREE ‘ARTICLES’ was agreement for Common commercial interests. On the part of the Chiefs they were to relinquish the maintenance of civil order and the British would assist in keeping off external marauding threats. NO SERIOUS ENTITY GOES INTO AGREEMENT WITH A CONQUERED PEOPLE. For instance when some 400 people were reported sacrificed in Kumase by “Prempeh” he was dealt with, not made to sign anything.

We can also look at how Fantse Nationalists like Sarbah, Wilson-Sey, J. P. Brown, Casely Hayford, et al responded to British arbitrariness. In (circa) 1890s they went to the British Parliament to Challenge the Crown’s Lands Bill which sought to steal our land.

They could change the decision. That confidence can’t be entertained from conquered people. There remained a recognition of some consideration on the part of the British in their relationship with the Gold Coast proper.

Ghana’s independence was basically won for ASANTE and its not strange Nkrumah’s strongest support base was Asante.

We will cleanse our Historiography of all willful exaggerations gradually.


History is the story. Historical studies is a thinking process.

©Abeku Adams

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