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Albert Kan-Dapaah
Albert Kan-Dapaah

Although Assin Central Member of Parliament, Kennedy Agyapong reckons New Patriotic Party (NPP) vigilante group, the Delta Force ‘spoiled’ their case with the forceful freeing of 13 members in the court room, he nonetheless believes their action should not be isolated from a larger grievance.

According to the legislature, the Minister of National Security, Albert Kan-Dapaah’s posture ahead of the 2016 general election which the NPP won is part of the reason why the vigilante groups are not cooperating with the security services.

“National Security is a disaster same as Kan-Dapaah. When the boys went to him for funds for the election, he told them he’s retired from politics so wont push money into a fruitless venture,” a fuming Ken noted on Accra based United Television (UTV).

When the female host sought to find out if he was justifying the freeing of the 13 members from open court amid threats of violence, Hon. Agyapong replied: “Please, please, please give me a break. What they did was wrong but there is an undercurrent.”

Hon. Agyapong further asked how such young men who had toiled for the party were to feel when they see the likes of Kan-Dapaah wielding power when they did not sacrifice for the party adding “won’t you be peeved?”

Showing that there was more trouble ahead, Ken ‘Okompreku’ Agyapong made a startling revelation.

“Kan-Dapaah, I am at UTV. Come and effect my arrest. Some NPP folks gathered at Asylum-Down plotting to kill me with some saying they will show me. Me I am ready. They claim they have picked my car numbers, I am waiting for them.”

He added “In June, they were begging me because they were broke. Today, you want to kill me? I’m ready for them. If they dare me, I would bring the party down. I’m being economical with some statements for Nana Akufo-Addo’s sake. They would have seen how I would strip them naked. But I respect Nana Addo and I have promised not to demean him. I would have responded to their folly accordingly.”

Well-meaning Ghanaians have expressed alarm at the actions of vigilante groups in the country and the NPP affiliated groups such as the Invisible and Delta Forces warning that if such groups are not disbanded they could transform into terrorist organisations further making life unbearable for citizens in the country.

For many, the police and military together with President Akufo-Addo must act swiftly to apprehend and imprison such deviants to ward off others.

For some however the New Patriotic Party must contain the acerbic Agyapong least his utterances creat an irredeemable trouble leading to election defeat.

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