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Gospel musician and preacher, Josh Laryea has reportedly been suspended from his preaching duties at the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), Doxa Temple pending investigation by church leadership about a complaint levelled against the ‘Emere’ and ‘Bisa’ singer.

A March 29, 2017, letter addressed to Rev. Laryea among others noted: “The Presbytery has authorised the Disciplinary Committee to look into the allegations levelled against Rev. Laryea. Rev. Josh Laryea is being withdrawn from the pulpit and thereby the Doxa Temple with immediate effect. This is to allow the Committee carry out its work uninterrupted.”

What is not clear is the “immoral conduct” charge he is being investigated for although the rumour mill is already postulating it has something to do with chopping down one of the feminine species.

But a notable Ghanaian South African based businessman since the revelation posited on his Facebook Page that “I am surprised it(s) now that the Ghanaian Media Houses are catching up on the Rev. Josh Laryea saga.”

He adds: “Four and a half months ago, a Lady presented a Case-Study (in a conversation format) with David Papa …………( surname omitted). She gave rather more insight into the whole story, and even mentioned the area he held his Church. She stated his musical career also as an additional description of him.

“He is not the first, there is another Case-Study of a prominent Bishop, and one about a lawyer, who only delights in suing prominent personalities on their alleged, ‘rape’ cases.

“His affair is also a Case Study that David presented, which I suspect would also become a national news soon. You guys should be looking deeper into the Case-Studies.”

With many things, time will reveal the hidden and perhaps then we can interrogate the issues better. Till then let’s hold on tight.

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