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Nad Xclusive
Nad Xclusive

Everyone must have his day in the sun and for sound engineer, Daniel Nana Agyei of Nad Xclusive Studio in Taifa, his glory days are imminent.

The man who has been involved with sound production for 15 years narrated to how he begun his journey with a sound engineer, Master Seth at Taifa who taught him the rudiments of the game including live mixing.

The man who also goes by the name Nad Xclusive noted he approached Master Seth and explained to him he wanted to be his apprentice adding he served for 6 years before establishing his own studio.

“After Master Seth and with the feedback I got from people I set up Adinkra Studio now renamed Nad Xclusive at Taifa.  I worked with Bisa Kdei on tunes ‘Over’, ‘Armageddon’, ‘Killer’ and half of the songs on his first album. I have done music for Rashid Metal, Dobble, Dunsin as well works yet to be released by VVIP, Atumpan and 5five.”

According to the ebony man, feedback from clients have been very encouraging noting “they tell me to do even more. To keep pushing.”

Mr. Agyei submitted he handles all aspects of his production from programming to mastering at his Taifa studio disclosing he and Original Shana met at a place which held significance for them both leading to their partnership especially given the vibe was right.

Enjoy Nad Xclusive in the studio:

The Nad Xclusive CEO also mentioned Original Shana as being the next big thing to hit Ghana and the globe.

“His education, delivery and tone is unique. He has the right package. He is an artiste you wouldn’t expend too much energy and resources on. He knows what he is about,” the sound man further observed.

He remarked there was about 20 songs in the music vault set to be released strategically.

According to Nad Xclusive, there are four Ghanaian sound engineers he admires including Zap Mallet whose old music he understudies, Morris De Voice, Kaywa and Killbeatz.

“For those four even if I don’t know the featured artiste, once they produced the tune I download to listen and learn,” he revealed.

A Nigerian artiste he would love to produce for is Alhaji Tekno of ‘Pana’ fame because he likes his style but when it came to Nigerian engineers Master Kraft and Don Jazzy were the men for him.

The man who started out as a drummer even playing for J.A. Adofo at a point and learning from a Patch Bay Band drummer revealed he used to go away for days on drumming tours frustrating his parents. He eventually switched to rapping forming the group ‘Afena’ with a pal before being charmed by the sound recording equipment and deciding to learn the rudiments.

The bachelor who could do with a lady’s affection says his parents are glad he turned out well given his rumbustious past adding for a studio session he charges anything in the region of GH¢1000 to GH¢1500 although when one is genuinely constrained he offers his skill without charge.

He still drums when he fellowships at the Kingdom Victory International Church and in two years Nad Xclusive expects the world to take notice of his skill and offerings such that local and foreign artistes troop to him for recording sessions.

He can be reached on Facebook: Nana Agyei (Nad Xclusive)

Twitter: @ Nadxclusive

Instagram: Nad Xclusive


Cell: 0264960860



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