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Although rival, Airtel Ghana are noted for their invasive text messages offering a service or product from advertisers, for a few weeks now, the Ghanaian telco which says it is the leader in the field, MTN has been sending a curious message to subscribers.

Some subscribers woke up to the following on their phones:

“Yello Valued Customer, if for any reason you do not wish to receive interest on your Mobile Money wallet, kindly dial *595# and follow the steps. Kindly send through your request by 22nd April, 2017 to be exempted from the next payment. Thank you”

Not too long ago, the Bank of Ghana rendered operators of Mobile Money Services were required to pay not less than 80 per cent of the interest accrued on the pooled money to subscribers and herein lies MTN’s disingenuous thieving plan to hoodwink unsuspecting patrons.

In a country where telcos give relatively ‘free’ data and voice incentives largely at midnight so beneficiaries could miss sleep which could pile up cost in the health department, quickly withdraw money from wallets of those who borrowed credit to make calls and make their birthday or anniversary data gifts to subscribers run faster than Usain Bolt, for them to pay sums accrued on patrons monies in their wallets which they trade with and make profit from anyways is a headache for them.

The question is why would anyone want to forfeit an accrual on his or her money ei MTN in this our ‘hard’ Ghana except in your fantasy world?

The issue both stunned and infuriated some patrons per these Facebook responses:

Mawuta Mawuli Hahahahaha I also received that text ooo. I was like MTN wmt.

Like · Reply · April 14 at 11:54am

Abrantepa Benefo Buabeng 🤣🤣

Like · Reply · April 14 at 2:48pm

Mawuta Mawuli Even the wold richest person kraa stl receive interest in every transaction how much more me

Like · Reply · April 14 at 11:57am

Emmanuel Kwashi Dzivenu siasem

Like · Reply · April 14 at 12:01pm

Abrantepa Benefo Buabeng Chale we for whip the one who sanctioned this message. Opened for media coverage….lol

Solomon Okley Kofi Waaa, look. The few pessewas them dey pay too dey pain them

Like · Reply · April 14 at 2:01pm

Abrantepa Benefo Buabeng Nawaaa ooo

Like · Reply · April 14 at 3:22pm



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