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medikal-poof-gangMany were angered that despite the 7 nominations at the 2017 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMAs), red hot rapper pre the VGMA event, Medikal was denied even a plaque and it is the more worrying that a new song and video from the Arab Money Gang (AMG) signed artiste might signal a decline rather than keeping the momentum or soaring higher.

Hear him:

//I am an idol yes I am a motherf**king idol//

Medikal moves on to offer a brilliant wordplay he’s come to be respected and loved for.

//Despite I no be Kwame, I still dey own Peace (FM)// in reference to wealthy man and owner of the Despite Group of Companies.

But trouble again brews when he renders:

//I refuse to be broke like the hawker on the street. You figure say I go talk Mugeez, sia (fool)//

Given that the AMG boss, Waddle transitioned from the R2Bees group of which Mugeez is a partner, it is curious Waddle sanctioned the utterance which might not be taken lightly by the Tema based singer but Medikal curiously again then big ups the other R2Bees partner Omar Sterling.

//Sipping Henny with Omar Sterling in the studio. Top shatta that if you forget I dey remind you//

Disturbation makes for a curious word which got mentioned by you guessed right Sis Derby but troubling again, Medikal gets offensive once more.

//Fuck Medikal, chale fuck me. Sika sem ye drug abuse a bema mi ye junkie (If seeking wealth is equated to drug abuse then I am a junkie// he renders.

The Ghanaian society might now look less sternly on tattooed celebrities, cigarette smoking in videos, ladies in pants shaking the bums in videos but still won’t take fu*k in a song lying down and Medikal even if he was naïve ought to have been restrained by the AMG management but to leave him to his whims might prove costly.

After the fu*k episodes, Medikal displays another brilliant wordplay in //too much sugar (sweet life) dem wan insalt (insult) me//

Then there is the //it’s the motherfu*king poof gang, poof gang// statement

However showing that he is a forward thinking person, the rising artiste submits another good one.

//Almost done with my first house. Am thinking babies//

Uncle Beat worked on the sound while KTO executed the video. Clealy Medikal is a gifted artiste but if the Poof Gang song is replicated, I am afraid the Disturbation Album which he is to be released soon will be crippled but more of songs in the ‘Too Risky’ vein shall take Sis Derby’s love interest to higher heights.

Enjoy ‘Poof Gang’ from Medikal:


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