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It’s public knowledge that the ‘Daavi Medekuku’ song blew X-Doe up musically affording him opportune openings but you didn’t know the story behind the Ewe phrase which means (Please Daavi).


When www.blakkpepper.com caught up with Richard Kwesi Siaw Akrofi alias X-Doe at Zapp Mallet’s Title Track Studio in Dansoman over the weekend, he submitted that residing at Kaneshi in the 90s with his parents, the area was populated by Ewes adding their landlord was one. In addition, Showcase in Ewe Drama Group, ‘Agbedefu Troop’ actor was also in the house so picked their Ewe vibes but it was the land lords’ wife who sold the Ewe maize porridge whose interaction with patrons ignited the phrase.

You see, in the Ewe language, to buy translates to “mafle” and often when patrons came, they stated “daavi medekuku mafle koko kple akala” (daavi please I am buying porridge and akala ‘a form of buffloaf’).

It was this phrase which served as the title of a track on his maiden musical album of same name (Daavi Medekuku) released in 1997 featuring rapper of ewe origin Chicago.

X-Doe recalls: “I was the first act to feature another artiste on a track” adding “back then when you join forces with another artiste, folks called you a duo but I had seen DMX feature an act so did same.”

He renders that when he did the ‘Daavi Medekuku’ track, his producer Yakabams urged for another voice to spice things up and having seen Chicago perform at a show with his Ewe vibes, recruited him to feature on the track as a way of giving him exposure.


The ‘Daavi Medekuku’ album had tracks such as ‘Mushawele’, ‘Daasebre Kasa’, Representing Accra featuring Rescue Squad later known as VIP comprising Friction, Bone, Promzy before Prodigal joined.

But how did the music journey begin?

According to X-Doe, even as child, he craved for attention so he started out as a dancer but veered into music, presenting and acting adding that same craving led him to learn Taekwondo, Shotokan, be a scout boy as well as play ‘mukyende.’

He begun by dancing to hiphop sounds even tampering with his dad’s prized radio set leading to severe beatings but with the radio gone, he had to dance to sounds in his head.

He mentions MC Hammer, Def Squad, Meth and Red, Mystikal, DMX, and all time favourite Busta Rhymes as his earlier influences whose rap style he understudied evolving to develop his own style in 1994 while in Junior High School.

In 1999, X-Doe offered his second album ‘Maba’, a comeback work after his earlier success. He came under the management of Precise Music who served as the executive producer availing the cash as well as handling the distribution of the tapes while Nana King’s Ashanti International handled production work.

“My voice changed. God gave me a battle attire after getting betrayed,” X-Doe mentioned. That betrayal was Patrick Gogo alias Chicago whom he only did the ‘Daavi Medekuku’ song with, joining forces with Yakabams who handled his first album after he had split with him to spite him. It is that betrayal which led to all the acrimony which has now become infamous. He adds “although still friends we don’t do business together anymore.”

Songs on the ‘Maba’ album include ‘Maba’, ‘Comfort’, ‘Bremi’ and ‘Afokpa Vivito.’

‘Gogo Wuhu’ followed as the next album having DKB, Kofi Essel on keyboard, Jay-Q as well as Zola handling production work.

But in the late 2000s, X-Doe relocated to Canada for some five years mentioning to www.blakkpepper.com he enrolled at the École Saint-Laurent Montréal Québec Academic School, an enlightenment school for etiquette and human relations.

He added he took the proximity of the US border to undertake visits but in Canada he also served as a hype man at night clubs.

“I was hype man when 50 Cent’s former dj, Whoo Kid hosted ‘the up in the smoke tour’ which had Snoop Dogg, Dr Dre and Eminem in session.”

The man who started out as Kwesi Dompe to Ex Dompe to Dompe and now X-Doe says he is grateful for his musical gifts which although wasn’t financially rewarding in the 90s and early 2000s compared to today’s huge numbers, it nonetheless opened doors for him such as preforming for Otumfuo and presidents.

The father to 19-year-old Delmond, 17-year-old Deshana and 5-year-old Deleon says he is delighted his second child is proving to be a lethal rapper and a great singer although Delmond’s maths and English skills coupled with Deleon’s analytical skills makes him a proud dad although he isn’t married to any of his baby mamas.


“I am understudying a lady and hopefully it can lead to something permanent but if I have the funds I would love to marry all three baby mamas because they remain unmarried,” the man who loves ‘brukutu’, ‘palm wine’ and ‘pito’ opined.

The partial vegetarian who enjoys tilapia with the cassava meal, fufu has four albums to his credit and is currently promoting the ‘Anka’ track off his yet to be released new album with the working title ‘X Factor’ hopes to digitally release the album on his birthday on June 18 when he turns 39.

x-doe-iu x-doe-iii x-doe-ds x-doe-orange

“Anka (orange) can be peeled, squeezed for its juice and sliced. In finding true love, one must encounter a few undesirables and that’s’ what Anka is all about. It was released about two months ago and the feedback has been encouraging.”

According to X-Doe, born to Emmanuel Kwame Boateng Akrofi from Anya Kodi Family at Apredi and Helena Oduro Akrofi from Asante Akyem, he is a royal who is being called upon to become ‘Mbrantiehene’ (youth chief) on his father’s side.

“I would be glad to be made a full chief someday because it’s in service to the people,” X-Doe observed.

He mentions Precise Music and Nana King as being crucial in his musical advancement.

Asked about regrets, X-Doe noted “I had reservations about disrespect shown by the young cats but now unperturbed by such incidents. Having been in music for twenty years, I am glad I was part of those who opened doors for the young ones.”

Enjoy ‘Daavi Medekuku’ from X-Doe ft. Chicago:



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