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Donzy and Kofi Kinaata set the bar high with their ‘Crusade’ collaboration but I dare say the comic submission of 2KZ and Clemento Suarez in their ‘2KZ L.A Primary’ song and video alias ‘Waye Late’ detailing the chronic late appearance to class of pupil, Clemento Suarez alias John Bull is nothing short of brilliant.

In the Riche-Q Entertainment offering, a habitual late comer to school, Suarez feels victimised when teacher on duty, Sir Major determines to cane the laziness out of him but a funny Suarez would not take the lashes, assembling varied reasons why he reported to class at 11:30 am just before noon reckoning he is even relatively early although clock-in-time is 8am.

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He also takes issue with the teacher always raining insults on him. The relentless teacher also advances reasons Suarez deserves to be severely whipped but he counters //Sir I am coming saa (along) then I get call. This one it’s not a phone call, it’s not a home call. This one is a special nature’s call//

Sir Major rebuffs his sly excuses rendering rapid rhymes involving the Nigerian singer; 9ce, his song title ‘Kongor Aso’ and Pastor.

Now seeing the seriousness of the situation, Suarez pleads that he will reform, stating he suffers from hypertension in the jaw for which he is due for surgery the next day further warning, beating him might lead to death for which the poor teacher could be arrested.

Jeneral Ntetia and another comic man makes an appearance debating who takes the biscuit when it comes to arriving at school late.

The teacher decides to offer Suarez the option of getting canned or answering questions to buy his freedom and you guessed right. Good old Suarez chose to be questioned except the condition was to be given 10 lashes with a failed quiz.

Asked what photosynthesis was? And the answer being ‘Synthesis of compounds with the aid of radiant energy (especially in plants)’, Suarez at class 5 renders:

//It’s a process whereby boys-boys wear synthe (fake attires/footwear) and take photos//

And when asked what matter was? And the answer being ‘Have weight; have import, carry weight’. The crafty Suarez contemplates:

//Is it the biblical Mary or Martha or singer, E.L’s titled song ‘Auntie Martha’, Martha Ankomah the actress or the teacher’s hanging trouser also named Mata//

An incensed Sir Major directs some pupils to fetch John Bull’s parents least he rains curses on him but an unrepentant Suarez retorts:

//Are you Satan father or Dimodi-Karinshinka-Maame Water. You beat me, me ye nsuo ba (son of a river). I will catch you at the witch camp, Gambaga//

Yaw Skyface yet again did a brilliant work with the video to capture the mood of Suarez, Sir Major and the onlooking class.

The bell boy with his weatherman attire and Suarez running to the school compound opens things nicely as was the female teacher caning a boy for possibly speaking without warrant in class the next day while the real culprit was a ‘grandfather’ pupil.

Suarez’s costume and interpretation of his role is remarkable as he breaths life into the whole project. Little wonder understands he was a theatre guy at Legon who recently featured in the ‘Prison Graduates Production’ many spoke highly of.


Suarez’s fear of the cane will evoke memories and send viewers to their primary and Junior Secondary School classrooms where at least a pupil existed who feared the cane so much the he or she would do anything for it not to touch their skin.

This is a brilliant offering from 2KZ & Clemento Suarez.

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