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It is now public knowledge that Ghana’s sole rep at the 2017 Black Entertainment Television (BET) Awards is Livingston Satekla alias Stonebwoy and as you might have expected his rival Shatta Wale is not a happy man.

Shatta Wale could well have been nominated but like a pretty lady who reckons her beauty is enough without working on her cooking and housekeeping skills, Wale reckons churning out popular tunes is enough to gain him access to the BET platform but sadly it doesn’t work like that.

I have stated in the past that it is only Wale who will by a lucky stroke destroy himself as no on else has the power to undo him. He is a man of currency now. He is prolific in churning out popular tunes as ‘Hosanna,’ ‘Ayoo,’ and ‘Taking Over’ can attest but his poor human relations which inhibited his music advancement in the wilderness years threatens to ultimately demolish him if he continues on the destructive path.

For Wale, for all his ‘I am fighting for the industry’ talk, he has proven he is one who must have his way like Donald Trump or throw a tantrum like a kid blaming everyone else but himself.

He is a two faced character. One who says A today and says B another day without blinking an eye when it serves his whims.

While Stonebwoy himself, no saint, was lobbying for a slot to be a nominee on social media platforms and of cause behind closed doors, Wale could not be bothered and must have scoffed at the Burniton General but that campaign paid off and he now leads the Ghana charge against 4 Nigerians and 3 South Africans.

WIZKID (Nigeria)

TEKNO (Nigeria)

EAZI (Nigeria)

DAVIDO (Nigeria)


AKA (South Africa)



Instead of wishing the Bhim man well as he battles others on the continent as an adult or shut up given they are not buddies, Wale rather threw a tantrum implying he is making money so could not be bothered adding he hasn’t spared the time to discover his B.E.C.E certificate but when he won the VGMA after lambasting organisers for ignoring him in various editions, he made the world know on his twitter profile that he was Ghana’s Artiste of the Year for months if not years.

On Tuesday, Shatta Wale took to social media spewing the following:

“My B.E.C.E. certificate sef ano know where e dey. Then we deh come worry about BET. Money dey call me for my brain….” adding “I dont want any fan of mine to feel bad about any BET…My skin is too strong now for such Nkwasias3m from this educated fools in our industry..”

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One who ought to know better but is behaving as if a child Willi Roy also posted on his Facebook page:

“When Ghanians take pride in a backstage award then we are in deep mess” adding “Shatta Wale is about making real money not backstage awards BETSHAM.”

Perhaps it is the GH¢1000 offered Roy by Wale in the Pluzz FM studio for doing a positive song on him which has clouded the veteran sound engineers’ judgment that he sees nothing wrong in Wale’s erring ways.


But Caroline Sampson, television, radio personality and voice-over artist put it bluntly having seen through the hypocrite: “Calm down and support a brother.”

Notable Rapper, Sarkodie along with other entertainers including Bulldog have all wished Stonebwoy success urging him on to bring the award home from the Microsoft Theatre on June 25, 2017.

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