In our zeal to reclaim what was stolen from us, we sometimes overreach. Though the original settlers of the world were Black Africans that was done approximately 50,000 years ago. Since at least 10,000 years ago and the Last Glacial Ice Age, mutated melanin deficient races have existed in Europe and northern Asia. The cultures that emerged from these regions are NOT products of Black civilization, but of melanin deficient cultures that developed out of the harrowing conditions of the Ice Age.

There is a growing misunderstanding in the poor scholarship sector of the Afrocentric society, that Ancient Greece was also a “Black” civilization. This is not true. When we overstretch like this into blatant lies, it weakens our case for the existence for legitimate Black African civilizations like Kemet.

What the masses are misunderstanding is the fact that Ancient Greece was CIVILIZED by Black Africans with the illogical conclusion that the Greeks themselves must have been Black Africans. Just as the European brought their language, government, and religion to tropical Africa, does not mean that these Africans are now Europoids because they adopted European culture. In the same vein, just because Greece was colonized by Kemet does not make Greece African.

  1. Since at least 6,000 years ago, the Balkan region of southeast Europe that became Ancient Greece has been primarily inhabited by Beige Asiatic people from what is now Turkey. They are typified by short hairy bodies, very wavy black hair, and beige to olive skin. Though these people are not truly Europoid, they are also not Afrakan.
  2. It was not until 2,000 bce that Kemetic colonization arrived in the Aegean (Greek isles and Crete). While it is true that many of the elite merchant class were mixed with Kemetic ancestry, the Proto-Turkish and Akkadian ethnic origins of the majority were obvious.
  3. Though the Greek mainland—thru Minoan Crete and directly from Kemet–was influenced heavily by Africans, they remained genetically Eurasian just as colonized West Africans are still Black despite most of them practicing Europoid culture.
  4. Despite their learning from Africans of Kemet, the Greeks never wavered from their Caucasus origins. They only borrowed superficial aspects of Kemetic philosophy/culture. The core of Greek culture remained forever Caucasoid. This is very obvious in their view of anti-nature; their enslavement of females as property; their sexual molestation of young male apprentices (which became the basis for the homoerotic “hazing” of America’s Greek fraternities); their emphasis of might over right, etc. All of these are core foundations of Greek culture and have NO origin from any African influence.


Warning: If you promote the lie that these Greeks (whose culture is founded in the enslavement of women and molestation of boy apprentices) was an African civilization, you blaspheme against Ma’at.

Calvin Franklin III

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