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He hoped his popularity would spark a demand for his shirts, belts, baseball caps, skull caps, tees, sneakers, slippers, denim tops with spikes and blazers but rap heavyweight, Sarkodie real name Michael Owusu Addo is learning attracting interest for his music is not guarantee in business.

Sarkodie had partnered Yasmin in 2013 to launch a clothing line; Sark Collection with a shop secured at Dzorwulu and despite exposing some of the wares in his video clips and runway shows, the exorbitant prices the items were going by inhibited many who would have loved to make purchases.

When the consensus was that his items were too expensive compared to items on the market, Sarkodie opined: “We went all out for you guys because you deserve the best. Come to the shop, see and hold the items to feel the quality, then you would understand why they are going for those prices.”

But the average Ghanaian was unimpressed despite the items having his face embossed on them.

The situation has become so dire that stocks at the shop have been slapped with a 50-90% discount so folks can buy the items. However a cap which was going for ¢180 is now ¢90.00, which is still beyond the reach of many.

Showing that proper planning did not go into opening the shop, pricing and distribution, Sarkodie had to reveal at a point that the shop had been closed for re-branding as delivering the products was also a problem.

“We fell short at the means that people get hold of it (delivery). We were just based in the shop. We wanted that exclusivity which I think we were depriving the fans of having it,” he submitted sometime back.


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