Man on a mission, Falz de bahd guy entreats his lady love to treat him softly or should I say ‘jejely’. He beseeches her further that instead of ‘giving it to him’ gradually, he prefers to be her customer so she gives him everything including ‘jara’ (top up or bonus).


The video for ‘Jeje’ is impressively excited by Mex Films. Shot on location in Ghana, the skillfully crafted shots takes viewers from a barbering scene on the street, to a restaurant, to a seaside view and then to the now abandoned James Fort Prison in Janes Town.

An untrained eye could be fooled the video was shot away from Accra but here is a film rendered so crisply, you are left with smiles while watching.

The female model is most lovely and the chemistry between her and Falz permeates the video. It’s a good one for the Nigerian who is cultivating keen following in Ghana, first by performing at the Ghana Meets Naija show and then shooting a video here.



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