Pharaoh Seti

Is Sin real? According to our Ancestors, sin is when one opposes Ma’at, who is the Law of harmony in which Amen-Ra created mankind. The opposition of sin is to then “bring Ma’at to Ra.”

Because of the evils of Abrahamic religion, some of us who have freed ourselves from Abrahamic mental slavery don’t even want to believe sin exists either. We then adopt modern European atheist concepts that suggest “wrong” does not really exist and that it is just a matter of perspective. No, there is true wrong that is not a matter of perspective. This true wrong is what is “evil” or “sinful.” While we are NOT born in sin, sin still exists, but as a creation of Mankind. Don’t listen to me, let us ask the Afrakan ancestors, for they left us ancient written teachings on all matters past, present, and future.

The Mdw Ntchr (ancient hieroglyphic texts) says in the “Book of Knowing the Creations of Ra”:

“I made every person equal to his or her fellow.

“I did NOT command them to conduct evil.

“It was from their own hearts and minds

“which caused them to disobey that which I commanded.”

Notice in this passage, the first sentence speaks of how Ra created humans to be equal to one another. This equality (harmony/balance) was deified as Ma’at (Iwa Pele in Yoruba). It goes on to discuss the origin of evil conduct as originating in mankind’s heart and mind. Man is not made in sin by God. Man created sin.

This passage also implies that it was the equality with which Ra created us that upset some men, and hence they reacted by inventing evil to oppose the equality that Ra created men in.

And so, we can see that the ancestors are writing that “evil” (sin) is that which opposes the equality of humans to one another. This is the Ancient African definition of sin. This is why they wrote that everyone must bring “Ma’at to Ra. For she is his sustenance.”

This is telling you that you must live in recognition of the harmonious equality of mankind. This is what it means to bring Ma’at to Ra. This is what we see the happy-to-be-nappy headed Nsut-Bity (Pharaoh) Seti doing in this statue as he holds Ma’at in his hand as an offering to Ra. His statue is a depiction of his declaration that he upheld the equality/harmony in which Ra created humans. Bring Ma’at to Ra.

Calvin Franklin III

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