It is also known as ALLERGIC RHINITIS and is a group of symptoms that affects the nose.

Interestingly, the condition has nothing to do with hay (dry grass) or fever (pyrexia).

It occurs in people who are allergic to dust, insects, venom or pollen. These substances are called allergens.

When people with Hay Fever come into contact with the allergen, their immune system recognise these harmless substances as harmful and releases chemicals (such as histamine) that cause the symptoms.

You will experience these symptoms immediately:


Itchy nose, eyes, skin, throat

Runny nose

Tearing eyes

Later, additional symptoms will be

Nasal congestion


Sore throat




  1. Avoid the allergens
  2. Use nasal wash
  3. Give decongestants
  4. Administer antihistamines or corticosteroids

More importantly, know what your allergen is.

Farhan Solace

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