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Former President, John Agyekum Kufuor at a meeting with International Democratic Union (IDU) leadership at his office on Tuesday claimed that Kwame Nkrumah undermined Ghana’s democracy when he governed.

“Our then President Nkrumah, left of centre politician, moved the country into a one-party state with a lot of intolerance; he built a whole prison just 22 miles of Accra for detention of political opponents.”

He added: “Democracy as we are espousing was virtually killed,” and was quick to add that “by 1966 the country had had too much and it was labouring under poverty it had never known before. Labouring under intolerance and people were not allowed to express themselves [under President Nkrumah]…”.

His comments has since generated heat on social media platforms with some sharing Mr. Kufuor’s sentiments while others have castigated him for seeking to revise history pointing out flaws of his when he governed between 2001 and 2009.

An incensed John Opoku rendered on Facebook:

//Kufuor in 2008 reduced our shares in Ashanti Gold Obuasi and Tarkwa, Newmont Kenyase and East Akyem and Bibiani to 0%. This prompted Dr Kwabena Dufuour to petition Martin Amidu then the Att. Gen. during Atta Mills’ tenure.

Kufuor gave 734 acres of land acquired in 1934 to one of the GA tribes who created a trust. The lease was for 99years for ONE CEDI and was renewed for another 99 years for another ONE CEDI. This land shared boundaries with the Legon Animal husbandry lands.

Kufuor alone in the company of the British High commissioner sold the Ghana Telecom.

Kufuor secretly in 2003 signed the impunity agreement in October 2003 in which it barred Ghana from taking action against an American soldier if he/she commits a crime in Ghana.

In exchange of $4m, Kufuor nominated Mark Manu to chair the first International Democratic Union in Ghana in 2004 at which meeting Antonio Dhlakama, the butcher of Mozambique was invited to Ghana.

His leadership foundation is to push and train right wing youth and middle class in Ghana.

His recent criticism of Nkrumah is towards that purpose. He and the right wing do not understand why NKRUMAH’S name is still held in high esteem in Ghana.//

Another Nkrumahist, Kate Tutu submitted:

//In the first year of oil production foreign companies received more than $2 billion from the oil revenue, Ghana received just $444 million. Kosmos invested roughly $4.5 billion during exploration and setting up the rig etc. I ask, how can a Government negotiate such a despicable deal for its people by only giving GNPC 10% of oil revenue when these foreign oil companys would’ve realised their return on investment in less than 3 years? How do you possibly give them 90% of revenue when GNPC had in its possession the data to locate the oil and all the years of investment of state funds and expertise in doing so? How were these quantified in that agreement? This is criminal! Who negotiated this fraudulent deal?

He built a highway that had an over 50 year lifespan. Look at our current highways we’re constantly closing them down to patch it up.//

On the issue of Mr. Kufuor selling off Ghana Telecom for peanuts, Pope Dee Barnabas IV also on Facebook and one who works with a telco rendered:

//I haven’t heard the comments and I don’t hold brief for Kufuor or even Nkrumah….

But any Business Management student will be able to explain to you that, Ghana Telecom was dead with over 5,700 staff and making huge losses with old infrastructure across the length and breadth of this country and sitting at number 4.

Vodafone UK pumped over $2bn in the sale and recapitalization of that business to become number 2 today.

I’m not an oil expert to debate on that point but Ghana Telecom needed to be sold for a pittance at the time it was sold because yes it was a pity institution.

Enjoy your Day, me I don’t have qualms with Nkrumah or Gbedemah or Ala Adjetey.//

What is clear is that after banning him and his party for years, more and more Ghanaians are taking to Nkrumah especially when subsequent presidents have failed to equalise or surpass his achievements for this country and it is the more perplexing that Mr. Kufuor who ought to know better is being disingenuous.



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