Togbui Asilenu with children

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It’s a feat only few men can achieve but Togbui Kofi Asilenu of Amakrom in Ghna’s Eastern Region is one of such men.

You see, Togbui Kofi Asilenu is a farmer which is no great feat. He has birthed with 12 women which is not common but the true feat is that the 80-year-old is the biological father of 100 children.

Strikingly, when journalist Portia Gabor invited Togbui Asilenu to render how he did it, the interesting chap opined he is a virile man and so long as his rod erects he shall have sex and bear children.

Asked if he desires more wives and children? The talk of the town submitted:

“If I get a lady today, I will marry her and have more children. As for men, even in old age we can still father children. I’m not impotent.”

Asilenu’s youngest child is about a year old while the eldest is over 40 years. He currently engages some of his wives and children in his work – processing of cassava into dough.

Although he’s lost count of his children as the number of children could be more, there is nonetheless a semblance of order in the Asilenu household where his first wife, Nayome Asilenu, observed although she initially was not happy with her husband’s exploits with other women and complained about it, it soon emerged he wasn’t going stop so she reoriented herself to handle the reality.

Interestingly, Togbui Asilenu recounted seeing a lovely damsel and desiring her only for the lady to mention she was one of his numerous children.

His favorite bible quotation is Genesis 1:28 which renders that man must “be fruitful, multiply and fill the earth, and subdue it…”

Now that’s a man for ages.