A slave jail dug up from the earth

This is an image of a jail used to punish humans made into slaves on the plantations in Louisiana, this is an ACTUAL one found buried in mud and dug up. The temperature in the summer is mind boggling and you will note that there are metal slats at the bottom where snakes can get in and other creatures.

They were chained in a given place and couldn’t move, this was punishment for any transgression, broken china or glasses, anything.

Our people lived looking at life through a small crack in the world, they endured CENTURIES in this fashion, hearing their wives, children, Husband being sexually violated and could do nothing to stop it.

HERE we are today and we have forgotten what humans endured to bring us here, we have forgotten that small crack in life they got.

We are charged my beloved to move the needle, we must go further than ANY generation or people ever have before. We must muster courage, strength, conviction and continuity of purpose.

MY work isn’t in SPITE of anyone, I don’t HATE ANYTHING and we are not in contrast to ANYONE!!!

WE NEED specific things to move to the next level and I will DIE bringing those into being!!!!

Calvin Franklin III


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