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On July 2, 2017, at the Tamale Stadium, the President of the Gadam Nation did not only launch his new ‘Mujahid’ album but also screened his new ‘Total Cheat’ video for the first time featuring rap heavyweight, Sarkodie.

The song already is a hit with the fans and trending at #4 on YouTube amassing 80,617 views since it was uploaded on Jul 2, 2017 underlying the star power of the mild looking youth.

‘Total Cheat’ is a simple enough song with a simple message on a delectable beat offered by Killbeatz tackling infidelity by ladies and the ‘ma tricki wu’ issue of some ladies wearing makeup to conceal their real faces only for charmed male admirers to behold the reality too late.

Fancy Gadam is heard saying:

//…lie me sey you be brand new girl ….you know sey I love you. Why you brown me?//

Gadam further submits: //this be total cheat you must to see my lawyer// adding //why be say I marly you birtefool, next day you are orglee, this be a toltal cheat.//

Blending English, pidgin and his local dialect, Gadam impressively delivers to drive home his point that he doesn’t desire born 1, 2, 3 nor born 4.

Sarkodie steps in stating his lover claimed to be a virgin but upon testing the wagon/akusua kuma/honey pot, it turned out to be a manhole.

He adds makeup makes some ladies look like princesses only for their real faces to emerge the day after.

David Nicole-Sey directed the visuals making use of greenery and colour schemes but the models featured could have had their makeup on and none in separate scenes to make the narrative easy to follow but it wasn’t to be.

Clearly, the 5Music & Sultan Incorporation artiste knows no stopping now and the gigs have stated flowing in with a performance at the Tema Vienna City executed with Sark already.


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