Queen Farcadi

by: michael eli dokosi /www.blakkpepper.com/ghana

Snap chat model and sex worker going by the name Queen Farcadi says she is a normal girl trying to make it in life. But Farcadi is as business minded as any entrepreneur out there except she sells sexual pleasure.

According to the 21-year-old, she doesn’t give a f**k what people think or say about her choice of business since no one feeds her.

“It’s your life, do what you want to do with it except don’t get into trouble,” her military officer dad and trader mum told her when she chose to move out of the house.

The Senior High School (SHS) graduate who says she schooled at Elmina Senior High School and Adinaman SHS begun using social media platforms Facebook, Instagram and Snap Chat to gain attention with photos posted but when she soon discovered that males were desirous to take her out for meals and company she birthed the idea to charge those who wanted to f**k her.

The blunt jovial damsel noted in an interview with Chris-Vincent Agyapong that although she’s lost count, she’s bedded at least 100 men spanning regular sessions, one-night-stands and week-long bookings.

She submitted, on her Snap Chat premium service she offers content (lesbians playing, men who show d**k and twerks) to paying viewers.

To get Queen Farcadi to f**k, you would have to go through her male agent who takes potential clients’ details and deposit and then a session is booked that is after Farcadi has seen the potential client’s image and is desirous to service him. If the image is not desirous, Farcadi says she opts out, putting it bluntly: “if I don’t like you, I can’t f**k you. I check photos first.”

“I choose the hotel where we would f**k and if a client cannot afford to book a suit, then he can’t afford me,” Farcadi stressed.

She added: “I charge GHc1000 per an hour or 2,” indicating business is booming and she is living well.

According to Farcadi, she doesn’t go out much except when going to dine or going to meet a client stressing it is her seclusion which has added to her mystery compelling many potential clients to seek her service adding she does not do night clubs.

Asked if she has bleached her skin? Farcadi answered: “ma bleachi paa o. I did if for business.” She added she was a dark lady and was getting some clients but she soon realised the clients desired her to be fair so begun bleaching to lighten her videos and please her clients.

Farcadi revealed she in the early days got her bleaching creams from Nigeria but now prepares them in Ghana now.

Business is good for Farcadi who says she has a rented 3 bedroom apartment at Ashongman and East Legon while she makes about GHc10,000 a month from servicing her clients.

Farcadi says she dated guys and hoped for a relationship like any other girl but soon realised “these guys ain’t loyal and were fucking around,” so also decided that why allow to be f**ked for free when you can get paid ruling out marriage any time soon.

Curiously, Farcadi who is pregnant and has weeks to deliver says she met her soon to be baby daddy on snap chat who patronised her service but had taken a liking to him such that in the 3 days they shared intimate moments, she forgot to take her pills only to discover she had taken seed.

She revealed the fellow was a man in his 30s who had no problem with the pregnancy noting he was a wealthy fellow.

Being pregnant has put certain things in focus for the lady who will turn 22 in October as she intends to open a pub, a barbering shop, and a spa centre to make money although she might occasionally service premium clients who pay big.

She also intends to open a centre where ladies seeking to serve as escorts for males will be welcome so they make some money.

For Farcadi, once a client pays, whatever he desires is offered be it vaginal, mouth or anal penetration, interestingly revealing that the majority of her clients who are elderly enjoy anal sex.

Farcadi counts among her clients: pastors, politicians, musicians, actors and footballers noting the politicians especially the National Democratic Congress (NDC) functionaries loved the coochie and paid her well for it however mentioning footballers, actors and musicians as stingy folks.

Knowing her line of trade was perilous, Farcadi says she has spiritual fortification from a traditional priest in Nigeria although she attends the Presby Church.

Guess what, Farcadi sees herself as becoming a journalist in 5 years’ time noting after secondary school she had enrolled in a radio school.

You wouldn’t find Farcadi on Facebook though as she’s deleted her account to focus on snap chat where she makes money.

Farcadi also made an appearance in Captain Planet 4×4’s ‘Sangbelegbe’ video. Check her out.



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