Valerie Sawyerr with John Mahama

by: michael eli dokosi /

All is not well with opposition party, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and an activist of the party Dela Coffie has just poured fuel on the raging fire.

Dela Coffie

When Valerie Sawyerr, a former Deputy Chief of Staff in the Mahama regime took Martin Amidu and Jeremiah Rawlings on in a letter over their incessant attack on John Mahama and other party members who don’t kowtow to their whims, the act incensed Dela Coffie, so much he in his letter took Madam Sawyerr to the cleaners.

One of Dela Coffie’s post going into the 2016 election but it appears he views Mr. Mahama differently since the electoral defeat

Dela Coffie, a onetime staunch defender of John Mahama heading to the 2016 elections implied Madam Sawyerr a daughter of NDC stalwart, Harry Sawyerr was a loose woman with weak morals berating her for daring to criticise former president Jeremiah Rawlings.

Below is his full outburst on Facebook:

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