Blaq Sam

by: michael eli dokosi /

Boss of music outfit AMG Business, Criss Kweku Waddle has presented a video of one time rapper, Blaq Sam on social media showing the troubled rapper issuing some incoherent words although he appears to be aware of his surroundings as well as recounting names of people acquainted to them both.

Waddle, rumoured to be well off from his tiling gig in America, suggested taking the troubled rapper to a Psychiatric Hospital stressing despite popular talk that Sam abused hard drugs, he reckons the dreadlock brethren’s imbalance was not drug induced but rather nearer to something in the paranormal vein.

“That’s Fish Scale on Praye’s Jacket remix. He was poised to be successful but currently mentally challenged. He’s my new responsibilty. Can’t watch him go completely mad when foolish people get money from me and don’t even appreciate,” Waddle submitted.

As early as 2015, rapper and show host Pope Skinny reported that all was not well with Blaq Sam. A claim corroborated by defunct group, Praye’s Tenten alias Kente.

Blaq Sam alias Fish Scale came to appreciable attention with his ‘Esi Ne Vera’ tune in 2009 and then featured on Praye’s popular ‘Jacket’ remix tune as well as recording ‘Magye Aboso’ with Castro.

To think he has since 2015 been unwell yet not gotten relatives, rap colleagues or any well-meaning Ghanaian to book him in any of the Psychiatric Hospitals is a tragedy. Perhaps Criss Waddle emerging now to help might help the fortunes of Blaq Sam who is reported to sleep on the streets.




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