Tyrese with daughter; Shayla Somer Gibson

Many have determined that Tyrese’s most recent breakdowns, all documented on social media, are spawned by some type of mental illness or his longing for his daughter. Those are possible reasons. But to me, it’s clear that the main one is Tyrese’s need for attention.

This is not a think piece. So I won’t be inserting any more of my opinion. Just facts from here on out.

Not only did Tyrese use his most recent court appearance as an opportunity to promote his book How To Get Out of Your Own Waysnapping pictures of people in the courtroom lobby holding it, for the next court date, he simply decided not to show up.

During the missed court date, it was decided that Tyrese would have a chance to see his daughter this past weekend. But he was in London, attending a yoga retreat.

Norma Gibson’s legal team told The Blast that they agreed to allow Tyrese monitored visits with his daughter on Saturday, Monday and next weekend.

But Tyrese didn’t show up for court and was in London doing yoga, as suggested by Russell Simmons.

As of this weekend, it was unclear if Tyrese made it back from London to Los Angeles in time to be with his daughter.

Lawyers for Norma told The Blast that she hopes he’s getting the help he needs because she’s “very worried about the current state of his mental health.”

She also found it interesting that he publicly pleaded to be with his daughter and then left town.

Tyrese, of course, posted about the retreat on Instagram.


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